Chinese Regulation Requires Married Couples to Sleep in Different Beds

China’s government has taken on a completely new role.

BTJ missionaries have reported seeing signs posted by the government demanding married couples to sleep in different beds to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The order is said to be posted by officials from Xianning, of the counties in China’s Hubei Province.

The posted order, pictured above as a snap shot from WeChat Pandaguides, officially demands families to wear masks inside their home, eat meals at different times, and for married couples to sleep in different beds to avoid spreading the disease.

Yu Xia, one of the leaders from Xianning said, “The incubation period of the disease is quite long. It is necessary for couples to sleep in different beds if they are not sure of their health condition.”

The BTJ missionary reporting this story has not shared whether or not he and his wife are following the government guidelines.

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