Chinese Police Stunned when House Church Raid Doesn’t Go as Planned

During a worship time at a Sunday morning house church, in the western Chinese city of Chengdu, the fellowship was disturbed by a knock on the door. When Dai Zhichao, a pastor-in-training answered the door, he saw it was the police.

The police immediately declared the meeting to be illegal and demanded to see everyone’s identification. The police were visibly shocked when the Christians did not hand over their ID and instead demanded to see a warrant. When the police tried to bully their way into the small apartment, the young minister and several elders blocked their way.  A video of what happened was posted on social media.


The police struck the pastor several times, injuring his arm, and eventually bullied their way into the house. They took the pastor’s cell phone and registered everyone’s ID. Almost everyone at the meeting was arrested, including more than ten children.

On this Sunday morning, let’s remember the persecuted church in China and pray for the churches that are not able to legally meet together for fellowship.

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