Brother Yun Preaches at the BTJ Business Forum in Dubai Ahead of World Expo

Picture: In Dubai, Brother Yun prays to prepare for the Great Commission Business Forum.

Back to Jerusalem just concluded our annual Great Commission Business Forum where we were joined by business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world. The Great Commission Business Forum was hosted by BTJ just before the World Expo in Dubai. Brother Yun flew into Dubai and opened up both days with a powerful sermon about the need for preaching the Gospel in the Middle East.

Brother Yun encouraged the attendees to use their business ambitions to assist missionaries who are working in closed countries. Missionaries are in need of platforms, visas, income, and access into closed nations and business-minded believers have an irreplaceable role to play.

Back to Jerusalem is partnering together with business leaders to preach the Gospel, plant churches, and send missionaries. If you would like to join our next Great Commission Business Forum, sign up for the BTJ newsletter by emailing and be the first to know the details of the next forum.

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