China Uses Mike Pompeo’s Christian Faith Against Him and It Backfires

The Communist Party of China unwittingly revealed the real role they feel Christians should play with their criticism of former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.  What it reveals about their own understanding of Christianity is shocking.

China’s Christian Council (CCC), the Communist Party representatives for Christianity in China, attacked Pompeo’s Christian faith when they wrote on their website that he “often proclaims to be a devout evangelical Christian,” writing of his Bible study group, the Bible on his desk, and his open declaration that God’s Word is truth.

However, according to the CCC, Pompeo’s Christian faith should have kept him quiet and his love should have made him nicer towards Communist Propaganda during the Covid-19 outbreak from China. If you carefully read their criticism, it is clear that they view Christianity as something that should make Christ’s followers quiet, submissive, docile, and subservient.

The CCC writes in the China Daily, a Communist owned newspaper, “The virus has infected more than 2.24 million people and killed over 119,000 people in the US. What Pompeo and other US politicians have said and done in recent monthsas Christiansare not intended to save the lives and ensure the well-being of their “brothers and sisters” and ordinary American people, but to return to power so they can safeguard their personal and political interests.”

Instead of simply disagreeing with Pompeo’s statement, the CCC hoped to use his Christian faith as a weapon against him to keep him quiet. The CCC is a Communist Party Institution, using Christianity to promote the teachings of Marxism. Using this position, they point out that Pompeo, as a Christian, should not promote concerns about the Coronavirus coming from China saying:

“His self-proclaimed devotion to the Christian faith and dedication to political pragmatism have limited his ability to bear witness to Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven. He cannot serve God and Mammon both. And if Pompeo keeps lowering his moral standards, he would be causing further harm to his faith. Pompeo’s remarks and actions are certainly not befitting of a Christian. The Bible tells people to do justice and show mercy to manifest God’s glory and promote amity. But by blaming China for the pandemic, claiming Wuhan to be the source of the virus and calling the novel coronavirus a “Chinese virus”, Pompeo has contributed to the increase in racial discrimination and violent crimes against Asian Americans, Chinese Americans in particular, in the US. One wonders whether Pompeo, who has spread rumors and created panic, has read Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”

The CCC is not alone. The world often confuses Christian love with a compromise of values and truth. Compromising truth is not a sign of Christian love, it is a sign of self-love – an act of self preservation. A true follower of Christ is compelled by love to speak truth, even when it is self-sacrificial.

It is obvious that China has the wrong idea about the Christian faith. They see it as a weapon that can be used for government propaganda. They see it as a belief that should submit to the government, instead of a Truth that governments must submit to.

A closer look at the Bible reveals that Jesus’ love compelled Him to speak the truth, even though it led Him to the cross. His love kept Him and his followers from submitting to the ideas of the world, which eventually led governments to execute almost all of the early disciples.

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