BTJ Seeing Massive Church Growth in Vietnam!

Since Vietnam became a Communist country, the Christians have lived under some of the most extreme persecution, but today that is all changing. In the last couple of years, Vietnamese Christians have seen more religious freedom than at any time in recent history.

In March of this year, BTJ hosted a Business as Mission Conference in Vietnam where more than 250 Christian business men and women from around the country squeezed into a meeting room at a hotel in downtown Ho Chi Minh to learn how to use their businesses to grow the kingdom.

“The church is growing,” said Pastor David, a local Vietnamese pastor who oversees a network of believers of about 10,000 believers. “We are seeing God move in Vietnam like never before.”

After the BTJ business conference, Pastor David invited Chinese underground pastors to speak at several house churches throughout the city. “We have a lot in common with our brothers and sisters in Vietnam,” said one Chinese pastor. “We have been through periods of similar persecution.”

However, the Chinese believers were surprised at the level of freedom that is currently being enjoyed by the Vietnamese today. The Vietnamese house churches did not hide their churches and openly worshipped. Pastor David, who used to be on the run from the government only 15 years ago, is now openly preaching, planting churches, baptizing new believers, and even launching registered Bible schools to train pastors for ministry in remote minority areas.

Though there are different levels of freedom experienced in different parts of the country, still, by some estimates, the church in Vietnam is growing by 600%!

Though the exact numbers are not known, in the last 10 years, Pastor David’s has personally experienced massive growth in his church. He is currently building a new multi-story building in downtown Ho Chi Minh to act as a coordination center to help organize all of the new ministry activities they are doing. Recently Pastor David bought a three story building that acts as a recording studio for recording Christian music and also hosts a Christian music school that teaches new worship leaders the basics of leading worship.

Last week Pastor David and his local fellowship traveled to minority areas where they held baptism services with minority mountain tribes.


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