Children’s camp raided in China

Summer is the season we send our children to Bible camps to boost their spiritual life and have fun. However, in China this privilege can no longer be taken for granted. A group of children between the ages of 10-14, found their campsite in Tianjin raided by police and had their leaders taken away. 

Children have been of particular concern to the Chinese government, with Sunday schools ordered shut, children being denied access to church buildings, and schools warned not to allow Christian influence. This specific attack on the freedom of Christian children should come as no surprise. They are the future of China, and Xi has decided that future will involve a return to communist ideology. It is necessary then, that he can stop the spread of Christianity to the next generation.  

In the face of this reality, Christian children have to be prepared to stand firm. Materials like the Dove curriculum, developed in China, are more important than ever to equip Chinese churches to teach and encourage their children.  

As the crack down on China’s believers continues, children not only lose their freedoms, but sometimes face active persecution too. It was reported how recently a 14 year-old girl was held for ten hours at a police station along with other young members of her house church, after their building was destroyed by police with chain saws.

Back to Bible camp. The good news in this story is that there are clearly churches who are not intimidated by the government to cease their children’s activities this summer. There will be more like this one, with leaders risking jail time to teach children. They need our prayers. 

Why not encourage your own children to pray for their young fellow believers in China?As well as blessing them, it will help our children to become aware of the world-wide church they belong to. Also, our children’s books can be a great help to draw children into the great story God is still writing. 

May God bless China’s children.




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