BTJ’s New USA Office

Recently, Back to Jerusalem USA moved their shipping headquarters from Baton Rouge, LA, to a little town in South Carolina called Travelers Rest. The move came about because of a relational partnership that BTJ has with a business in the area. It has always been the goal of BTJ to keep overhead expenses as low as possible so we can pass more of your gifts and donations on to the workers in the field. When we were offered free warehouse space for storing all of our books and materials, we accepted the offer and made the move.

Back to Jerusalem staff in the USA have been working out of their homes to avoid the extra cost of running and maintaining a physical office. However, after this move to Travelers Rest, one staff member’s house was too small to set up their office in their house. So, the decision was made to have a physical office. This office is outside their home in a 7.5 x 12-foot storage shed! Yes, we had to splurge a little and add A/C and electricity to keep our books and materials in good condition, but so far, this little office is getting the job done! All your online donations and book orders are now being processed through this new office! Oh, and did we mention, we built it ourselves!

Even with the change of location, we are still maintaining our address in Baton Rouge, so nothing will change for all our USA partners. Please continue to send all correspondence and donations to:

PO Box 78347
Baton Rouge, LA 70837

This is the only address where checks and letters should be sent to in the USA. All other addresses are being phased out.

While a small outdoor storage shed may not seem like the proper way to run a ministry, we are excited about this opportunity to keep costs low while partnering with our brothers and sisters in China. These brothers and sisters are daily putting their lives, families, jobs and freedoms on the line for the sake of Jesus Christ. We thank God for you, our partners around the world, who walk with us as we side-by-side continue to look for ways to support and encourage these dear believers in China.

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