2020 Iraq Humanitarian Aid Vision Tour

Interested in serving? Want to get out of your comfort zone? Want to do a family mission trip? Then come join us on our 2020 Humanitarian Aid Vision Tour in Iraq. This is a wonderful mission opportunity for you to partner with us and it promises to be a life-changing experience.

Our journey will begin as team members arrive in Dubai where we will gather for a meet-and-greet at the local hotel. From there we will fly onto Iraq where we will go to local villages, delivering food and clothing and providing entertainment for kids. We will also visit some of the region’s hot spots where you will have the opportunity to see with your very eyes what is happening in the area.

Total Cost: $1900 (does not include travel to Dubai)

Payment deadlines:

Payments may be made at any time before each deadline, but all funds are nonrefundable after each deadline, except for a medical emergency.

Oct 30: $300, deposit

Nov 30: $800, half of the balance ($1600) due. This portion will go towards your ticket from Dubai to Iraq.

Dec 14: $800, final payment. At this point your trip will be paid in full.

Please contact Belinda Chadwell for more information Belinda.btjtravel@gmail.com

Payments are accepted at https://backtojerusalem.com/vision-casting/

Testimonies from previous team members:

I always try to follow the news from the Middle East closely, but it is a very different story to go there yourself and meet people face to face. Several meetings touched me deeply and these people hold a place in my heart. We were impressed by the immense dedication of the fieldworkers as we watched them serve. Also, the meetings with Yezidi families left a strong impression. The war was still very much a present reality for them. Being in Iraq made me realise how closely the history of the country is connected to the Biblical narratives. The church has its roots in the apostolic times. We shared special moments with the local believers. The only drawback was that the trip was so short. Several of our group plan to return soon to strengthen relationships that were formed and see how we can further support them. Blessings, Krijn


My name is Eliza. I am 12 years old. When I was 10, I went on a trip to Iraq with my family. At first, I was scared to go because I heard of all the shooting and wars that had been going on there. As soon as I got there, I was surprised how the people acted; all of the refugee families in the village were very nice and invited us in their houses for tea. It was a great experience for me, because I learned how lucky I am. I learned that God has given me so much and I have everything I need. Most of the houses in the village had no doors, windows, or even running water, yet the families were so grateful and welcoming. After about a week of staying in Iraq and walking around the village, I was convinced I wanted to move there. Even though some places might seem dangerous, the safest place to be is always were God wants you.


  1. vern schmidt phone # 281 678 1963

    please send me information about your2020 iraq humanitarian aid vision tour
    time and details . am coming from houston
    tx please reply asap.

    1. Will Author

      The trip is planned for Jan 14-19, 2020 Belinda is handling all the details and registration for the trip.
      You can reach her at belinda.btjtravel@gmail.com


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