BTJ Working in Somalia

“Somalia is one of the forgotten nations. They live in extreme poverty, they are ruled by extreme Islam, and Sharia law wreaks havoc on the lives of the individuals there.”

How many believers are there inside of Somalia? According to the Worldometer, there are currently 16,841,672 people living in Somalia. But how many of those people have made Jesus the Lord of their lives?

Eugene is in Africa with a team of believers who live in Somalia. One of the local pastors gave his count of the total number of believers in Somalia. Can this number be correct? You won’t believe how few the pastor says there are.

However, Eugene shares about some of the work BTJ is doing to reach the people living under extreme Islamic rule and Sharia law in Somalia.

Listen to this devastating and, yet, encouraging report about what God is doing in Somalia below:

Episode 653: BTJ In Somalia

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