BTJ Meetings in Poland Over the Weekend Were AMAZING!

This weekend, BTJ wrapped up a string of powerful meetings in Poland. Most of the meetings were held with Poland’s growing Protestant house church movement, primarily made up of young professionals who have broken away from the state’s Catholic church.

One of the primary leaders of the house church networks, Fabian, is a former Jesuit Priest. “We are seeing tremendous growth in house churches in Poland, as well as online,” Fabian said during our meeting together. Fabian’s YouTube channel currently has almost 20,000 followers and is one of the most watched Protestant channels in all of Poland.

BTJ currently has an unofficial representative office in Poland that has not been registered, but is connected to the house church movement and works directly with their leadership. A couple of BTJ books have also been translated into the Polish language and there are others that are in the pipeline to be made available soon.

The house church movement in Poland is also partnering together with BTJ to help print and smuggle Bibles into closed nations. This is an exciting development that we are asking for prayer for.

We want to thank all of our friends in Poland for an amazing weekend of meetings and fellowship!

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