BTJ Hologram Bible Now on Display

BTJ Hologram Bible Dedication Ceremony

Twenty-first-century mission strategies are changing and the need to get the Gospel into the most unreached areas of the world has never been greater.

Many of the nations that BTJ is working in (such as Saudi Arabia, Kazakstan, Iran, and North Korea) are using modern technology to keep their borders sealed tight and keep the Gospel message out! The enemy has created virtual and physical walls. Something is needed to penetrate these barriers.

In response, BTJ has developed the ultimate tool to put the Bible in the hands of those who are being denied access to it. It is a special device that no wall can keep out! After investing hours in research and development, BTJ has a device that changes the game forever. It is the BTJ pill-sized Hologram Bible.

This new device was developed in secret and has not been openly promoted with pictures or videos. Now, for the first time, you can see it for yourself at the Bible Museum at the Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. In January, the Museum is holding a small dedication ceremony to open a special exhibit just for Back to Jerusalem so that others can see the early development of this new technology.

“We are excited about this,” said one of the representatives from the Museum. “We are going to have a [custom] case to hold the Hologram Bible as well as a [Back to Jerusalem] sign.” In addition, there will be a video and materials available at the exhibit for visitors to learn about the efforts to spread the Gospel in closed countries.

We hope to inspire young people to believe that wonderful things are possible when you allow your God-given creativity to mix with dreams of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

To see the BTJ pill-sized Hologram Bible for yourself, feel free to visit the Biblical Museum in Eureka Springs.

There are several attractions at the Bible Museum site. The Bible Museum itself is packed full of amazing Bibles that have played important roles in history. A first edition, first printing 1611 King James Bible can be found there with an estimated value of US$500k. A page from the Gutenberg Bible, a hand-written page by Wycliffe, and many other artifacts can all be found at the Museum. Next to the Bible Museum is the History Museum, which provides a brief snapshot of the history of mankind and how the Bible fits into that.

Also on location is a full-sized tabernacle tour so you can experience what the wilderness tabernacle would have been like. The Sacred Arts Museum features a diverse mix of artistic mediums portraying Christ and the Christian life. While you are there, you can also see the Great Passion Play of Eureka Springs. This is a great show with tremendous spiritual impact.

The Museum has seasonal hours, so make sure to arrange your trip early. More information can be obtained by calling (479) 253-9200.

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