The Six Lies I Tell at Mission Conferences

Two thousand years ago, Jesus told us to share the Good News with all the nations (Matthew 24:14). So, why has this task not been completed?

Think about this – what if the Great Commission were an exam? What grade would we get?

Well, there are currently 10,271 people groups around the world. Out of those 10,271different people groups, there are still 4,425 unreached people groups that have not had an adequate presentation of the Gospel.

So, if our efforts were an exam, after 2,000 years, we would get a whopping 57%. That would not count as a passing grade, not even in California’s inner-city schools.

Most Christians can’t even apply for a participation trophy when it comes to missions.

It is a pretty darn good thing that most Christian ministries do not get paid according to results because they would be so broke they could not even pay attention.

According to their own website, Coca-Cola, a company that knowingly laced their product with cocaine in the early days, is “recognized by 94% of the world’s population.” If Coca-Cola were taking a test before God regarding their ability to get a message out to the world’s population, they would get an A. Christians would get an F.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Coca-Cola. It is the nectar of the gods. Pizza, popcorn, Coney dogs, toothpaste — these would all be a waste if it were not for the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola.

But it is “soda pressing” that it is more available than the Gospel message.

Why has Coca-Cola seen more success than the Gospel in closed nations?

I believe the answer is in the lies I am used to telling, and I tell them loudest when I am at mission conferences.

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