New Workshop Available Soon

BtJ on the road with a new workshop format!

Over the years, many thousands have benefited from hearing brother Yun speak about the Chinese church and the Back to Jerusalem vision. There is nothing better than hearing things straight from the people who are involved and have experienced revival in China in person.

However, there is only one brother Yun, and other Chinese brothers and sisters involved in this movement generally have to stay way under the radar, in order not to compromise their mission or others working alongside them. That is one of the realities of a mission movement operating from one closed nation to other closed nations.

As this movement, and the support outside of China for this movement, continues to grow, we need more ways to inform and inspire people. Over the past year, the Dutch BtJ team has developed a workshop format which can be used for groups of any size to tell the amazing story of the BtJ movement, and help people to get involved in what God is doing around the world through the work of these underground missionaries.

An interactive, multimedia presentation will take groups through the history of the Chinese church and BtJ, introduce some amazing people, explain the needs of the 10/40 window and show how Chinese missionaries make inroads for the gospel in some of the hardest to reach nations on earth. Participants will be challenged through group discussion questions to think about their own ideas and questions about missions and to see how God might use them too in reaching the unreached together with his worldwide church.

As well as the general presentation, there is a version geared towards younger people, which can be used for teenagers or students. But there is more good news.

Initially, we thought of sending our BtJ volunteers armed with this presentation to any group that might invite them. But if we did, we would again limit ourselves to the number of people we have available, and to those groups that could afford to cover travel costs for one of our people. So, as well as offering groups the option to invite a BtJ volunteer to come and lead this workshop, we also want to offer the option of people leading their own.

In order to make that happen, we have prepared a booklet to go with the presentation. In this booklet, all the background information is provided, and suggestions are made for leading group discussions. In this way, you can help spread the Back to Jerusalem vision to your church, homegroup, university campus or even just a handful of good friends around your kitchen table.

Next week a group of volunteers will be the first to be taken on this digital journey to the heart of this unique mission movement. With their feedback, the final changes will be made, and we hope to have the materials ready for distribution soon after.

As 2020 unfolds, the pressures on the church in the 10/40 window are building, and the need for people to hear the gospel as is great as ever. An army of missionaries is on the move, but more than ever they will need the prayer and partnership of another army, their brothers and sisters around the world. Join us in raising this army.

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