Is Brother Yun a Con Man? Could His Miraculous Escape from Prison Possibly be True?

Often times BTJ receives questions and comments from people all over the world regarding Brother Yun. Some of them good and some of them bad. Stephanie, who runs the the BTJ social media accounts, joins us for a special podcast where we answer questions and comments from around the world.

One angry follower wrote, “Well let those that wish to be conned, flock to his feet,” to which another responded, “[Brother Yun] has sacrificed and suffered for the sake of Christ.”

To that, the angry follower jumped back in, writing, “If he is suffering, it is God’s will… If he truly had God’s blessing, then he would not be suffering.”

In this podcast we respond to the attack this post seems to elude to, that Brother Yun’s story of miraculously escaping prison is false and his work to support the underground church is a scam to get rich.


As we point out in this podcast, these attacks are very easy to answer.

First, Brother Yun was a prisoner of China’s maximum security prison in Zhenzhou, China.

Second, he is no longer a prisoner in Zhengzhou maximum security prison.

How did that happen?

Brother Yun never made bail and was never officially released. Zhengzhou has a reputation of being a prison that no prisoner can ever escape from. So, our question to the angry follower is – if Brother Yun, as a prisoner of Zhengzhou’s infamous maximum security prison, is no longer a prisoner in Zhengzhou and was never officially released, then how did that happen?

Brother Yun has an explanation.

Neither the Chinese government or angry follower can answer that question.  Heavenly miracles rarely have logical explanations.

Next, we answer the attack on Brother Yun’s finances.

Brother Yun doesn’t personally receive money while on BTJ tours and none of the funds raised by him at BTJ tour events ever go to him. Brother Yun pushes for 100% of funds raised during BTJ tour events to go directly to support the underground house church projects.

In addition to this, Brother Yun’s book, THE HEAVENLY MAN, is given away at BTJ events. Offerings are accepted at the book table where 100% of the proceeds go to support the underground house church.

A more full answer to these two attacks can be found on our podcast. We invited the ‘angry follower’ to join us on our podcast, but like most angry followers, they refused. They did however sign off with a very loving message of, “May God have mercy on your soul as you seem to persist in your desire to burn in hell.”

1 thought on “Is Brother Yun a Con Man? Could His Miraculous Escape from Prison Possibly be True?”

  1. The bibel tells clear about persecution. Being not persecuted in any kind every time we had to ask ourself on which side we are standing.
    Brother Yuns story, life and fruits are like in the bible of an Godly man.
    May God make all of us brave and humle for his ways

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