Become a BTJ GateKeeper Today!

Have you ever wondered what you could do to really help the Chinese House Church and aid the spreading of the Gospel in closed countries? Then why not become a GateKeeper?

If your heart burns with a desire for unreached tribes to come to know Jesus – then consider joining the team as a BTJ GateKeeper.

For less than $1 per day, your monthly commitment of $25 or more can help us go further, faster, and deeper than has ever been possible before to help complete the Great Commission.

Our GateKeepers are essential to our ability to get the Gospel into closed countries.

Have you seen our pill-size hologram Bible? We were able to develop it with support from our GateKeepers.

Did you see the immediate response that BTJ was able to employ in Beirut? That was because of support from our GateKeepers.

BTJ GateKeepers help us work to fulfill the Great Commission by doing so many things that are COMPLETELY illegal in closed nations. With your help, we can invade the enemy’s camp with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in ways that have never been dreamed of.

Find out more by going to or by calling 1-844-305-0566.

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