Back to Jerusalem GateKeepers

Our Back to Jerusalem GateKeepers are monthly supporters who partner with us to provide crucial resources that enable us to be prepared and ready to not only spread the gospel among the nations, but also help us prepare and equip teams to be on the ground when disaster strikes and to assist persecuted brothers and sisters across the globe.

Believers in China are under increasing danger and persecution, and with the help of our GateKeepers we continue to support the underground church there in more clever ways than ever!

Many BTJ global outreach programs that we are involved in every day are possible with the help of our GateKeepers, whose ongoing monthly contributions help ensure that our teams are supported, prayed for, and equipped to share the love of Christ all over the world with broken, hurting people who desperately need a Savior.

In a private, secured area in our BTJ website, our GateKeepers enjoy exclusive podcasts, downloads, and news, which provide unique insight, information, and valuable opportunities to pray for our field members in real time. We could not do what we do without our beloved GateKeepers!

If you are already a GateKeeper, thank you! If you are not yet a GateKeeper, please consider joining us, so together we can continue to spread the gospel among the nations!

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