Hologram Bible

Right now, there are thought to be roughly 200,000 people in prison camps in North Korea. Many of them are there because of religious crimes.

In Iran the number is about 225,000.

In China that number jumps to 1.5 million prisoners.

The only way to get a Bible into those prisons is by smuggling it in, and as with anything that is smuggled in – the smaller it is – the better.

That is why BTJ has created the world’s first pill-sized Bible.

The hologram Bible is about the size of a small pill and can be swallowed if there is ever any danger of being caught.

Below is an actual picture of the first-generation Hologram Bible.

This small pill-sized Bible can be carried virtually anywhere and can be read by more than one person at a time.

We have had groups of up to 20 people reading the Bible together at the same time using the Hologram device.

Our goal for 2019 is to produce 10,000 of these units, but to do so, we will need help. At the moment, the price per unit is about $15 USD.

To support the production of 10,000 Hologram Bibles – we need to raise $150,000 USD. You can join us to donate to this project here: https://backtojerusalem.com/support/pill-bible-project/


  1. Albert Ford

    That’s awesome!

  2. j.s589462@yahoo.com

    BCI- As in WAN. as in Telecommunications.
    (the no risk way.)


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