Assyrian Bishop Brutally Attacked While Preaching in His Church

An instagram account, @eastern_christians, broke the news yesterday that Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was brutally attacked in front of his congregation at Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Sydney, Australia.

The attack took place on Monday and was caught on video. The horrifying video shows Assyrian Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel sharing with his congregation when a man in black clothing walks down the aisle towards him and begins brutally stabbing the bishop until members of the congregation run forward to intervene.

WARNING: This video may be disturbing to some viewers:



The attacker could be seen in another video being held down by various church members and smiling, while Bishop Emmanuel sat across the room having his wounds tended to as much as the women were able to until the ambulance arrived. It seems it was somewhat of a miracle, as recent reports suggest the attacker did not properly remove the guard from the blade of the knife, meaning the injuries were much less serious than they could have been.

Furious Assyrians in the community came out onto the streets surrounding the church. The police kept the attacker inside, for fear of his safety. As the unrest grew, the church released a statement saying the Bishop was recovering in hospital and that “We ask for your prayers at this time. It is the Bishop’s and Father’s wishes that you also pray for the perpetrator […] We also kindly ask anyone at the Church premises to leave in peace, as our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, teaches us.”

Even in the midst of an umprompted horrifying attack, the Bishop called on his congregation to show the love of Christ. It brings to mind a sermon the Bishop preached not long ago where he shared these words:

“When you are getting attacked so heavily, thank the Lord, because it is a very very clear sign that Jesus is with you… say ‘Lord, this trial is unbearable, but you are with me though I walk through the valley of death, and I will fear no evil.'”

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  1. Patricia Cheek

    we are praying for him, I found him on Instagram and he has always preached the truth. that is why the enemy wants him shut up. God protect and heal him.


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