Many Dead as Angry Storms, Deadly Floods and Hail Unleashed in Middle East

Messages have been pouring in, as an unusually angry weather front moved over the Middle East today. First, the clouds turned ominous shades of red and a lightening storm lit up the dark sky. Below are a few photos sent exclusively to BTJ.

Then, suddenly, the sky turned green!

“The sky has been green and it looks like it’s 10 PM when it is only noon!” Jane wrote (not her real name). Jane is a missionary working together with BTJ in the Middle East. “We got hail, lots of houses here are flooding because they’re not built for rain.”

The UAE has recorded almost as much rain in the last 24 hours with 80mm, as in an entire year average of 100mm. The storms have hit the Middle Eastern countries of Oman, Kuwait, the UAE, and Qatar.

“My friends who have been here for a decade say they’ve never seen anything like this!”  Jane wrote.

A child’s body was recovered from the flood waters in Oman today, bringing the death toll to 18 with two people missing. Nine school-children and three adults died when their vehicles were swept away in flash floods.

Iran has also issued flood warnings, as unexpected thunderstorms wreak havoc. Authorities could issue additional mandatory evacuation orders for certain areas in Iran. Most of Iran is a more arid region with little annual precipitation, so they are not prepared for major rain storms. Roads, buildings, drain systems, electricity, telecommunications, etc are simply not built to survive large amounts of rain in a short period of time.

Below is a video from Dubai International Airport sent from a friend in Dubai.


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