A New Underground Movement: Volunteers Needed

If the government finds out that we have been educating our own children, we can be arrested and have our children taken away from us,Sam [not his real name] said to me in Vietnam. But I have to do it. Children are targets of the Communist Party. They want to teach them to hate Jesus at a young age. I am not alone though. I am part of a group with over a hundred families in Beijing [not the actual city] that provide Christian-based homeschooling to our children.” 

Sam is not alone. The number of illegal homeschooling groups is on the rise in China and it is spreading among the missionaries. BTJ missionaries are looking for solutions to educate their children on the mission field, but need help from volunteers.

BTJ is currently looking for volunteers to help with homeschool training for missionary children. Volunteers need to be willing to move to Southeast Asia for at least six months to serve at a training center. No experience is necessary, but one needs to be fluent in English and be willing to work with young children. 

For more details, please email belinda.btjtravel@gmail.com

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