Greetings From Brazil

Being excited about The Heavenly Man book, in 2017, we did invite brother Yun to minister in our local church in São Paulo, Brazil. At that time, we could not imagine that behind him, a great team of outstanding servants was working hard to spread the message of our Lord throughout the most needed countries, especially in the 10/40 window.

Brother Yun’s agenda was set up to be with us last October. Since the beginning of the arrangements, we could feel the gifts of the Spirit upon the Back to Jerusalem team, especially love, kindness and a heart to serve.

Even though our network of churches is facing what we do believe as a revival, with thousands of people being baptized year by year and all the body of Christ increasing significantly, we have to recognize that we are quite far away to properly accomplish the great commission, especially in the 10/40 window. To be even more honest, the majority of our people had no idea what it meant.

Praise God because brother Yun and BTJ team caused a great impact in the hundreds of the church members who attended what we called “The Mission Day”. It is amazing to see now people praying for the nations. Some of our youth leaders are strongly considering serving in the most needed villages in the 10/40 window, being aware that it may cost their own lives.

We were also invited to be part of the BTJ tour in Asia last November, in order to encourage and train leaders from Vietnam, India, and Bhutan. It was a big surprise to realize how BTJ puts together gifted leaders from many different continents to serve those nations. We could feel a strong presence of the Holy Spirit in each meeting.

We thank you all, BTJ team, for being so kind with the Brazilian church, supporting, enlarging the vision, and encouraging us to be a blessing in the world with our spiritual gifts. We are pretty sure that, in the next years, much more Brazilians will be sent abroad to jointly honour the sacrifice of the Lamb. Many thanks.

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  1. philip haag

    cool! where is this temple located in sao paulo?


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