A Corona Sabbath Rest

As the corona virus is spreading all around the world, let’s keep in mind that God always has many different purposes and ways of sovereigly bringing about His will in the world today.

One thing that God has always been doing throughout history and that is interrupting things. He loves to get in the way. Think of Babel, that was probably one of the greatest interruptions ever. Think of the flood, it definitely interrupted Noah’s life, not to mention all the rest of creation. And ultimately what did Jesus come to do? He didn’t come to be served but to serve and to completely interrupt everything – sickness, sin, hypocrisy, wrath, blindness. He came to interrupt history and bring grace and truth.

Consider the state of things as Corona continues to mess up everyone’s plans: The economy is slowing down. Schools are shut. Factory workers are staying home. Restaurants and shops (at least throughout Asia) are quieter. Concerts and events have been canceled. Trips are canceled. The air quality in China has greatly improved.

Yes many have suffered, many have died, and no one rejoices when the economy is bad. But what isn’t put in the news is that many people are spending more time with their families. Itinerant preachers and pastors often on the run are at home. Kids normally in school from morning until night are getting time with their parents.

From the oldest book in the Bible :

Whether for correction or for His land

or for love, He causes it to happen.

This comes just after the phrase :

God thunders wondrously with his voice,

He does great things that we cannot comprehend.

Many were excited for the new year. 2020, the year of vision many people proclaimed. Corona exploded just as China was all gathered each into their homes to celebrate the Spring Festival, for many people the only time of year they really get to rest and be home. But maybe vision comes from being in the valley, and not just on the high peaks.

The Church of China has suffered much in the last few years, with changing laws and increased persecution- much of it strategically bringing greater stress not just on a Christian or those serving in the Church, but also their families, their children. Often times a man can bear suffering personally, but to attack a man’s family is far more difficult.

In the midst of all the news, and all the fear, let’s be reminded that God delights to intervene and interrupt things. Let us sit, each one in our own tent and reflect on the goodness and sovereignty of God.


  1. Sharon Hytinen

    God never sends diseases gor correction or healing … His Word and goodness does both.

  2. Karen Kruse

    A good word. Remembering God is Soverign

  3. David Perry d

    God seess and death among Israel when they neede discipline. The firey serpents is a good example. Paul told the Corinthians that some were weak and sick and others had died because they did not discern the Lord’s body.

  4. Tamy Foote

    We have a loving God, our Mighty Lord Jesus Christ explain to me last year in July that we are coming into the times like Noah, however he is calling on True Unity in the Body of Christ, Unity in Families and also in Community, many churches will close due to not bringing forward his will and Desire here to earth and so many people are unaware of what is truly going on. The out come is going to be beautiful our Father God our Mighty Lord Jesus Christ with Glorify over the world Amen.. stay Strong my Brothers and Sisters in Christ. May God bless you all abundantly and keep you all in Good Health. I say this in Jesus Name Amen


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