BTJ Workshop

At Back to Jerusalem we love big meetings. There is a unique excitement about a large venue packed with people ready to be challenged by the great commission. But, as an organisation supporting house churches in China, we are also very much aware of the power of small meetings.

It was in these house churches that the Chinese church really took root and spread like wildfire over the countryside. It was also in house churches where the early believers we read about in the book of Acts were formed into disciples and the foundation for the global church was laid.

There is something unique about meeting at home. It is a chance to interact as family; an opportunity to ask deep questions; time to eat together and show care and hospitality, seeing a living example of how the host puts into practice what he or she teaches. These things are hard to achieve in a large meeting, but they are vital for spiritual formation.

When it comes to spreading a vision for mission, many of the same principles are at work. People get excited in big meetings. They are exposed to new ideas, hear about the work of God and bring a book or two home to read, but there are often questions remaining. For example, “now what?”

Home groups are a unique place for more in-depth teaching about mission and the Back to Jerusalem vision. There is time to explore together how all of this matters to the churches we belong to and what God might ask of us personally. There is time to pray and time to share ways in which we feel God may be calling us.

Would you like to share about the Back to Jerusalem vision in a smaller setting like your home group, mission prayer meeting or youth group?

We have developed materials to help you. On our website, under the ‘Resources’ tab, you can find our home group materials. In that section is our BTJ missions workshop. It includes a Powerpoint presentation and an accompanying booklet with explanations of all the slides. The Powerpoint has background information, videos, testimonies, and discussion questions. There is a version for adults and for youth.

Yes, we would still love to come to your area and do a big meeting, but why not start small, with those you regularly fellowship with or teach and dive into the exciting world of the 10/40 window from your own living room? If the Chinese church has taught us anything, it is that mission starts in homes.

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