What can we learn from the persecuted church? What lessons do they have to teach us? How can we prepare for the coming days of persecution?

BTJ is hosting a VOICES OF THE PERSECUTED CHURCH CONFERENCE to highlight the testimonies of underground house church leaders from China, North Korea, Pakistan, and the Middle East. Come and join us this year in Moravian Falls, NC, on October 26 & 27 for a powerful weekend of sitting at the feet of the persecuted church and learning from their experiences.


For many generations, the western world has been a safety bastion for Christians, but that is changing quickly. Persecution against Christians around the world, including in the west, is increasing fast – as promised to us in the last days.

This increase of persecution is leading many believers to ask the question, “How do we deal with this increase of persecution and what can we learn from those who have gone through it?”

不要怕(Bu yao pa)! – “Do not fear!” – is the message from Brother Yun. This increase of persecution is not a reason to fear, but it is a reason to rejoice, for the day of the return of Jesus is closer now than ever before.

OPTIONAL – Friday night BTJ Texas BBQ Brisket Meal!

(Additional Add-on Ticket is required for this event!)

  • Date: October 25, 2024, 5:30pm
  • Cost: $50 for Adults 16+ // $25 for Children 5-15 // Free for Children under 5
  • Where: To be announced to ticket holders, Moravian Falls, NC

Our special Friday Night event will include the introduction of our speakers and a Business as Missions Brisket meal.

The Chinese church employs Businesses on the mission field that serves multiple purposes – like facilitating visas, providing a platform for ministry, offering a cover for evangelism activities and to generate income to support missionaries.

*This meal will be served to you by our BTJ staff and proceeds will go to cover the cost of our speakers flights and accommodations*

For more information, click below:

Voices of the Persecuted Church Conference 2024


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