UPDATE: Report from Afghanistan

Back To Jerusalem has been able to smuggle resources into Afghanistan.

While in Dubai, Eugene met with a few partners from the Middle East who are working in nations like Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Eugene shares some items that we can keep in prayer, but also encourages us to pray for those in Afghanistan who recognize that there is something different about our partners on the ground who are providing them with food. We are providing food to families who are starving and in dire need of help, whether they are or aren’t followers of Jesus, yet.

We have received over $26,000 donated for Afghanistan. It is so desperately needed and we want to thank you for all of your sacrificial giving. Be aware that 100% of the funds you have donated has gone to provide for the needs in Afghanistan. Currently, we are providing food packets to the Afghani’s in a covert manner.

We know many are facing difficult times, but we thank you for expressing the kingdom of God by providing for the needs of others. Come listen to further updates in this brief message of appreciation and gratitude below.

Episode 649: Report From Afghanistan

I am a Messianic Jewish believer that felt the tug of the L-rd towards the unreached. I decided I would go to China. My love for the Chinese people grew while I was there, but when I learned of the Back to Jerusalem movement, I knew the L-rd wanted me to be proclaiming His gospel message to the unreached people between China and Jerusalem. Let’s unite and complete the great commission. We need to accept the challenge Jesus has given us so that we can feel the exhilaration of victory.


  1. April Bell

    Thank you Chip for the update and clarity of the situation. May the Lord bless you and your family.

  2. Daniel

    Dear Mary Ellen Gilvey,

    if someone gives you problems, then write the owner of this homepage, but it seems more that you do not know God or trying to find (if I try to make a picture of your thinking).

    If you love God and the truth I will give you some mindsets I me.
    The God of the bible is the onliest and true God. why?

    He can be prooved (bible,universe,history,beetween people-they are created in his imagine,science, in the mindset and wishes of people and the best if a person become a son/daughter of the living God (because he change from badness to Godliness in his thinking,action…from free heart-because him is already forgiven,but he want to live now for God and not more against God because he know the value.

    God is love-can be seen best in Jesus, God is a God of fellowship-can been seen between the one God,but 3 person or christians from background they wouldn`t live in peace bevore (but after that).

    Many people coming to Christ from Muslim backgrounds had dreams/visions of Jesus which calls to follow.

    Islam has killed very much people and made so many genozids even under Moslems…They may try to love God in loving Allah, but they are betrayed like we all.
    We all went away from God because of our sin but God try to made many ways to him back (in the relationship with God and that we accept him as our God. He created us in his imagine that we accept him as father, but our sin has made us far from him and our eyes also far from him-that`s because he has send Jesus…

    Jesus is called the son of God-but he was called not so before he come on earth…but he had to become like human to pay with his life to rescue us (sin=from thought all things seen in the light and if there is a God like those in the bible or look deep in your heart and you know what is right and wrong because we are decandants of those tasted of the tree knowing good and evil.

    I share to you the living God to help and refresh you but also to warn you in case you don`t know God in the things really important for you which might decide your life (so that you can decide more clear and not because falling away more and more from God-in case).

    He isn`t a religion-he is who is is.
    You can see his creation-he must be someone perfect.
    You can see some harm in this creation as more as you can see humans there-and aspecially if they are far from the God of the bible.
    Look on the blessings of christian people/countries (economy, free speech and thinking,prosperity)
    look on the blessings through Christians: bless instead of cursing
    look in the light of christianity: they try to be light(good deeds) and as stronger as they walk with God as more you can see only good,because God is good-darkness try to hide.

    bible can be prooved (God is truth-so no reason not to proof-only lier and betrayer want this)

    God is shown through truth (the true God should answer-story in the bible beetween Elia a man of God and prophets of a God who was no God…

    God uses people building his kingdom, but he builds it…not through wappons, a must believe, being twisted or just clever or talented person reaching others…
    God try to reach people for his kingdom-turn from under the devil joke to broke it and join the joke of Jesus (that we follow him)-but he also helps us. God has started this kingdom with a group of people in great fear-in giving those Gods holy spirit(and all belivers likewise making able to follow him/having relationship with God and to know: I belong to God). Who will not have a leader of truth and true love…

    Since 2000 years this kingdom is there and it became huge-even if often persecuted/trying to smash. Our wappon is Gods love in us and especially from him…
    And who will not true love-but less will find it, because less believe that God is a good God…

    Mindset: A christian gets the Holy spirit as teacher. This means they all can proof the truth-needs no pastor/leader-but God can use those (but then need to be proofed-bible is measure).

    God stand to his word-he even says-the word of God will stand firm in eternity. Because God is almighty and sovereign-can be like he is(Love,Truth,Righteous…).
    And that`s because all makes sense then.
    To show you the word of God: Written in 1500 years, in 3 Kontinents, in 3 languages. In different feelings(depressing or in love), from 40 people from different backgrounds (jobs like doctor or farmer; in times of peace/war/prison). And especially it has one story and one spirit (love and truth especially,but always Gods spirit if he speak to you) if you read it.

    Gods word has power: it can change people, it can speak to you other then to others, its meaning is sometimes so deep that you read just a few sentences and see many meanings-even words in the future.
    I heared of more then 2000 prophecies which are fulfilled already and not one was wrong till now-there are even more open-some 2000 years already-one was fulfilled after nearly 1500 years-one other I after 600 years.
    Qumran scriptures are a powerful tool to show Gods word and Jesus: maybe found by moslems (because beduins), copy from a sect stricter religios then those rebuked by Jesus, one book copied around 150-200 before Jesus and in a museum of Israel=acknowledged by Jews as Gods word. One part of it: Isaiah 53 shows us clearly Jesus the redeemer for our sins.

    There might been many things like the comparing of those scroll with a other copy 1000 years later and it was so clear like it was the same. Or the many languages the bible is written or why people invest their live for translating the bible/serving God.
    One sayed…when the christians were thrown to the roman games with the lions killing those or Christians in Northkorea killed through hot iron from the factory…in their dieing they sing songs worshipping God (because coming home).

    The God in the bible is the onliest God which is good,love,righteous,sovereign…
    he even can let Satan (the evil) win- to win bigger- seeing those refusing God and bowing down later if its to late (after death) or on the cross…
    he put people on different places that they might seek and find him-and promise those which seek him really will find him.
    You might not believe in the God of the bible (even if the the book of the I should love all muslim religion-are the most my friends are interesting things like Jesus died (2 times written), a godly sacrifice or it stands written…to give attention to Christians…from a religion I heard which worshipped the stars.

    a convertit to the bible says… they stole me the light and I found it.
    Every risk is it worthy to invest believing in Jesus as your lord and savior. Because more can you not win. You cannnot lose more then you are winning if you start invest in Jesus.

    God is live and will give eternal live from now (for you-not for your body-your body just temporary-you see it if you have a wound-then your body lacks something but your soul might suffer but is still at 100 %-not 99 🙂 )
    Invest in Jesus means allowing Gods love something wonderful-good for you and God and all around you.

    be blessed


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