TikTok Demanding Users input their iPhone Passcode

In a freaky breach of personal data protocol, TikTok is supposedly demanding users input their iPhone password to view content.

Users on Reddit have reported “mysterious” requests for their iPhone passcodes. One writer wrote, “My TikTok app randomly started asking for my iPhone passcode when I go to open the app. I can tap cancel at the bottom and it still opens up to my FYP. What do I do about this? I’m kind of worried about it.”

The alarm of a seeming security breach coincides with the timeframe that Apple released two urgent security updates for iPhone and other product users.

BTJ hosts a hackers conference every year and according to our security experts, because of its connection to China, TikTok should not be loaded on personal phones.

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  1. wordle unlimited

    This is concerning. Demanding users to input their iPhone passcode raises serious privacy and security issues.


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