Tibet Prayer Walk – Get Ready for a Great Adventure

We all know the power of prayer. It is THE most powerful device that God has given us. Prayer allows us direct access to the throne of God. It allows us to communicate with Him on a daily basis. Considering that He allows us to be part of His plans through
our prayers for our benefit, not for His, is simply overwhelming!

We have recently completed our 30-day prayer journey, focused on North Korea. How incredible are the events of the last month! World-changing events are occurring as governments of North and South Korea continue to interact toward the future. We might not fully understand the motives of the leaders; we know beyond question, however, that prayers have been answerd!

What does God have in store for Tibet? Many people believe the saying “pray nearer to pray clearer.” A picture can say a thousand words and transport the onlooker to a million places; seeing and experiencing something through your own senses is unmatched. Imagine, if you can, seeing the villages and walking the streets that the Tibetans walk to be closer to your prayer focus. This is an experience that will change your life forever.


My first trip to Tibet was nothing less than an eye-opening encounter with the myths of the culture. As a believer, it was incredible to see the multitude of prayer rituals that
they feel must be done for their prayers to reach a particular god. As I admired their dedication to these particular prayer rituals, I found the veil of the Western Church paradigm being lifted from my eyes, and my thoughts drawn to the simplicity of western prayers. As a result, my own prayers began extending past personal concerns and into prayers for the individuals before me. Soon, I wondered what would happen if their dedication was directed to the The ONE True and Living God. As my mind clung to that thought, I began to question how powerful this country could be toward the breaking of the chains of Buddhism that have a hold on them. My heart was suddenly breaking for this particular group of people.

Are we not blessed to be able to continuously converse with our heavenly Father, while walking and doing our daily activities? Can we not spend an entire day lifting up our prayers to the one and only God who hears our every word? No bells, beads, or incense required!

BTJ and our partners will be taking a prayer walk through Tibet. We will pray through the palaces and temples, and walk with the Tibetan people along their streets as they live and move through their society.

If you have a desire to to join us on this journey, to be taken out of your comfort zone and have your eyes and mind awakened to Tibetan culture,contact me at Fieldoperator@backtojerusalem. com for more information on our journey.

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