“THE WRATH OF GOD”: Second Deadly Earthquake Hits Afghanistan With 2,000+ Dead (Most Victims Women and Children)

“This place has seen the wrath of God,” Abdi Mohammadi, 45, told the New York Times as he helped to bury bodies killed by the latest earthquake in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has suffered two deadly earthquakes in the last week that has claimed the lives of more than 2,000 people. BTJ partners have been sending in videos and photos from the front lines, many of which are women and children who have been buried in the rubble. According to Unicef, more than 90% of those killed in this week’s earthquakes in Afghanistan have been women and children.

“Entire villages have been destroyed,” said one missionary, while filming where a village used to be with his mobile phone.

BTJ has sent $20,000 USD in emergency aid this morning to help provide emergency food, blankets and shelter for the victims.

URGENT HELP IS NEEDED NOW. Donate now to contribute to this urgent BTJ effort. 100% of all donations for HUMANITARIAN AID will be sent to Afghanistan Earthquake Relief.


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