The Heavenly Man Coming to Ireland!

The Heavenly Man, also known as Brother Yun, is coming to Ireland for one time only in April of next year. This will be an event that you will not want to miss.

God is moving in a powerful way among His people to complete the Great Commission and has a special calling on the Irish people to join. Brother Yun and the BTJ team have read about the revivals in the past that led to missionaries being sent from Ireland to China. The Spirit of God moved before and is ready to do it again.

In the 1850s, a mighty move of God swept through Northern Ireland when small prayer meetings felt the the power of the Holy Spirit and revival flames began to kindle. Out of these revival fires, many missionaries were sent to China. From 1869-1950, hundreds of missionaries were sent out from Ireland and today Christians from China are returning to Ireland to pay back the favor.

We will be sharing information about the meetings in the coming weeks. If you are in Ireland or would like to see how to get your church directly involved in the meetings, we would love to hear from you.

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