Have you exercised today? Have you put aside time to spend in prayer? What if you could do both at the same time?

For the first time ever, BTJ is challenging you to Run For Jerusalem. Today, when you exercise – do it with purpose, do it with drive, and do it for Jerusalem.

Run For Jerusalem is unlike anything that you have done before. It is not a music file or spoken word. It is a motivation recording that helps you to imagine that you are running around the city of Jerusalem. It is also a motivation file that helps you envision what God has called you to do on the mission field as you run around the city of Jerusalem.

The old city of Jerusalem is actually not very large. It is only about 2.5 miles around the city walls, but it is so full of history and purpose. It is a city unlike any other city on earth. It has so much spiritual significance in the last days and is a place that the Bible tells us to continually pray for.

Run For Jerusalem is a reminder that we are to pray for the the city of Jerusalem and that its ancient stories hold the key to our purpose in life.

Download Run For Jerusalem now and experience a run like you have never had before! (Note – Only available to BTJ GateKeepers for month of July and August 2017)

Here is how it works:

  1. Download the RUN FOR JERUSALEM file on to your phone or music player (available only through Back to Jerusalem) Click here:
  2. Plan a course that you can run about 2.5 miles on – or for about 16-30 minutes
  3. Put on your earphones and turn the volume up all the way
  4. Start playing the BTJ RUN FOR JERUSALEM file
  5. Be inspired!
  6. Start your run

If you take longer to run the 2.5 miles, you may want to put your favorite song on before and after the file so that you will be motivated the entire 2.5 mile run.

As you run, imagine yourself not only running around Jerusalem, but running for Jerusalem. Imagine that mission that God has given to all of us to complete the Great Commision. Imagine the final frontier of missions between the Great Wall of China and the Western Wall of Jerusalem.

Envision yourself fighting the enemy, answering the call of God, and running for Jerusalem.



Sometimes it is better to learn, not by being told, but by researching. Things searched have a longer retention than things given. “Easy come, easy go,” – as they say.

Below is a riddle recorded inside the Run For Jerusalem motivation file. A section of the motivation run makes a claim that is not correct. Can you spot it? After you are finished running, come back and see if you can recall a portion of the podcast that might be wrong. See if you can find the correction.

If you do not find it, don’t worry. Keep listening and keep your ears open on your next run and see if you can solve this riddle:

An apostle is killed in Africa, but not the physician announced

Not the most words in the Bible, but certainly the first to be pronounced.

Which apostle was killed in Africa and where was the other denounced?

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