Rare Video Shows North Korea’s Elite Military’s Insane Spiritual Fighting Style

Members of North Korea’s elite military force performed a display of fighting prowess for their beloved leader, Kim Jong Un, and the senior military officials.

In the video by the North’s state-run television, KRT, soldiers performed unusual, almost supernatural feats, such as bending iron bars with their neck, breaking free from chains, throwing knives at one another, and even laying on glass. The display seemed to be a mixture of martial arts, military discipline, circus training and Shaolin Kung Fu.

Much of the display did not seem to have any military value, but felt spiritual in nature.

The soldiers used sledge hammers on their arms and hands to break concrete blocks. Some punched their way through layers of bricks or broke them with their heads. One laid down on a bed of nails to have a block broken on his chest.

North Korea often employs their military to lead the persecution against Christians. This video shows a lot. It gives a small glimpse of what the government is willing to do to their military members whom they respect. We can only imagine the torture that Christians, which the government does not respect, go through.


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