OPERATION: Black Trumpet

On a dirt road in a country in the Middle East, Abdul (not his real name) is forced to stop his car at a security checkpoint. The local government knows that there is Christian activity in the area, and they want to stopevery vehicle and check for any evidence of Christian ministry.

Abdul is ordered by the police at the security checkpoint to get out of his vehicle. The police have no reason to suspect Abdul of doing anything illegal, but they search his car anyway. In Abdul’s country, the police do not need a warrant or verbal permission to search a vehicle. They have the authority to do whatever they like and there is nothing that Abdul can say about it.

The police are not looking for drugs or weapons, but are simply searching for anything – a Bible, teaching materials, a cross – that would lead them to believe that Abdul is a secret Christian.

Abdul does not have anything in the car like that. He knows that it is too dangerous to travel around with Bibles or Christian teaching materials.

Unfortunately, Abdul does not think about his phone. He has downloaded several Bibles in his own language and does not remember until it is too late. One of the police officers takes the phone from Abdul’s pocket and scrolls through all the phone applications until he finds a Bible application.

Abdul is now in trouble for having an illegal Bible application on his phone.

Abdul and his fellowship are asking for help. He knows that BTJ has a Christian hackers conference every year and he shared this (recreated) story from his nation and has begged for help.

BTJ has also been dealing with similar things in China and deeply understands Abdul’s challenge. Governments know that phone applications present great opportunities to have access to the Word of God. This is why many of the Christian applications on Google Play and iTunes have been blocked at government request and why China is checking the phones and computers of those returning to China from abroad.

This has prompted BTJ to launch Operation Black Trumpet.

Operation Black Trumpet boldly brings together Christian hackers from around the world to provide back door tunnels for Christians in closed nations, allowing them direct access to download blacklisted Christian phone applications without being detected.

Believers like Abdul will soon have access to Christian phone applications and be able to pass them over to other Christians in rural unreached areas without having to worry about the police discovering them on their phones.

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