Not Just Merch

Selling merchandise is a nice way to raise some money for mission. But you can get a hat anywhere. So why would you buy a BTJ Smuggler Hat?

Our BTJ Smuggler Hat not only keeps the sun out of your eyes; it has secret pockets inside that you can use to store small items you don’t want to lose; a credit card, some emergency cash, an SD card, or a key. And yes, these hats are used in closed countries by some of our BTJ missionaries as they cross borders.

As well as looking totally cool on anyone, the hat can also be used as an object lesson to children and young people about the realities of persecution in many countries, and how Christians need to be creative in transporting scripture or information. And it is a good reminder to pray for the persecuted church!

But there is more. On the front is our BTJ logo, a Chinese character, depicting a wall and a gate. It means ‘to return’. It is a reminder of the time when the Messiah will enter the East gate of Jerusalem again, as the Bible prophesies. It also has the sentence ‘Back to Jerusalem’ written in Chinese on the adjustable back strap. Chinese-speaking people may ask you about the meaning, and this can be a great way to start a conversation about Jesus.

All this makes our smuggler hat a meaningful product, which is great to use and fun to give! It costs $12 and all proceeds will go to the mission work of Back to Jerusalem. Have a look in our store at

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