Once in a Life-Time – Christian Business Forum

Not all ministers need a stage.

Not all preachers need a microphone.

Not all ministries need neon lights.

Chinese underground missionaries in closed countries are going back to the basics and using the same methods as the 1st century church – using simple business opportunities to spread the Gospel.

That’s why we are hosting a Christian business forum and are inviting you to come and meet our Chinese, Asian, Middle Eastern, and African partners that currently use business in closed countries to support the spread of the Gospel and how we can partner together.

Whether you currently own a business, are in the process of starting one, or have dreamed of starting one, a great opportunity awaits you! BTJ is hosting a 2-day Christian business forum in early Fall 2021, and you don’t want to miss it! We will be sharing how you can use your business to complete the Great Commission.

During the 2-day meeting you will

  • Meet with Christian business owners from China, Vietnam, India, UAE, Egypt, Iraq, and Iran, etc.
  • Hear from Christian businessmen and women who have started companies in the most unreached areas
  • Connect with secret network of Christian suppliers
  • Learn how to IMMEDIATELY start a branch office in Asia, Africa, or Middle East

This is NOT a seminar with speakers full of swirling ideas and lofty theories. This is a practical closed-door Christian business forum meant to connect active businessmen and women that are ready to use their talents and resources to make a difference and complete the Great Commission. There will be several attendees available to answer questions about registration, taxes, and even ready to partner.

This is a unique opportunity to connect with a growing international Christian business community that is conducting gorilla warfare on the modern mission battlefield.

It is time to take missions beyond simply making a donation in the offering plate or spending a weekend at another camp. You have a gift – are you ready to use it? There is a hurting world that desperately needs to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and your ministry of business is needed today like never before.

To find out more details send us an email at belinda.btjtravel@gmail.com

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