New Dress Code in Afghanistan Means Women Afraid to Leave Their Homes

Women in Afghanistan are afraid for their lives, because of the new Taliban rules on clothing, according to missions coordinator Naghmeh Panahi. “We are getting messages that [women] cannot leave their house,” Naghmeh wrote in a message to BTJ this week.

A report issued on Friday from the UN mission in Afghanistan confirms what Naghmeh has been sharing. The report, issued Friday, comes days before the UN convenes together in Qatar.

After the disastrous US withdraw from Afghanistan, the Taliban has found massive support from China. A UN discussion panel is not likely to change anything, because of China’s backing.

There are two things that BTJ predicts will likely take place at the United Nations gathering.

First, the majority of Afghanistan’s problems will be blamed on Climate Change. The liberal representatives at the United Nations are too sensitive to address the real problems in Islam that oppress women – especially in front of their Qatari hosts – so Climate Change will be labeled as the real problem.

Secondly, look for nations to begin using the new name for the Taliban regime – the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.” The new name has been adopted by China, which is likely to influence the way the Afghani leadership is talked about at the UN gathering.

The fact is, addressing Climate Change and changing the name of the Taliban will not change the way women are treated in Afghanistan. Women have been forcefully removed from most areas of public life, banned from driving, stopped from attending school, and now being forced to cover themselves with a tent-like garment from head-to-toe. All of these rules stem from the orthodox teachings of Islam.

This is why BTJ missionaries are currently living and working in Afghanistan. The solution to set women free will not be found in UN meetings in Qatar, but in the message of love brought by missionaries. Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can pierce through the darkness of the enemy’s strong hold of Quranic teachings and bring Light to the nation of Afghanistan.

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