NEW! BTJ Provides Training for Pastors in Iran

BTJ launched training for Iranian pastors last week. As the protests in Iran reach new levels, the church continues to explode and pastoral training is needed more than ever before. This is why BTJ is helping to provide training for pastors from all around Iran.

A network of pastors and Bible teachers from around the world have responded to the growing need in Iran and joined BTJ to help provide the necessary training. Due to the nature of security for Christians in Iran, no details can be reported about the number of pastors or the location of the training, but prayers are needed at this time.

BTJ has also launched the printing of a new Iranian Bible. 10,000 Iranian Bibles are being printed and distributed in Iran this year. We are so thankful for all those who have supported this effort.

If you would like to join BTJ to print and distribute Bibles, please follow the link below:

Bible Production

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  1. Mary Elllen Gilvey

    So thrilled Pastors are being trained in Iran. Iran is going through a difficult times regarding women and head scarfs. Don’t let Iranian women succumb to the false desire of outside women and men who are trying to Change the Culture and Value of Islamic Law and Sharaia Law regarding how women should dress. Muslim women always covered their bodies up exposing nothing not even hair or the face. Don’t let these sexually driven people force any of you to change the way you dress for purity and sexual morality and deep religious moral values. I think the outside angry push for Iranian women to change have alot of nerve. I wrote on Facebook News sites for over 2 years regarding this and the Dangers of Porn I found on a Canadian News site where the journalist said more fathers now have sex with their daughters because of Porn. That’s disgusting and that’s incest. Child molestation too. Then 2 years ago a horrible story aired on the BBC about 35 Men GANG rapping a 16 year old teen girl. Not one man said this is wrong and I’m not taking any part in this and I’m getting the Police. All 35 Men GANG rapped her. So I wrote about what I’ve always written then because of what I wrote the Prime Minister of Pakistan a Muslim said in a News Story that its time for women to start covering up their bodies because it is OBSCENE and VULGAR and it’s causing Men to rape. Grope too. They way women dress in the office causes them to be gropped. Today they dress for sex in offices. Years ago I was taught and all women to Dress for Success like an Executive in the Old Brooke’s Brothers suits not the club attire women go to work in dressing for sex today even for the married men they do. Then they wonder why they get gropped at the office. Even Head Hunters and Employment Agencies and Unemployement told women to dress for success at work and on the interview too. And now teen age girls are copying how they see other older girls and women dress where at age 12 and 14 they dress like they look 22 and are after the boys at 12, 13, 14 and suddenly get pregnant then abort the baby. Many hang out in Starbucks at 11, 12, 13, 14, dressing and acting like they are 22 trying to pick up boys or men. Mom and Dad don’t care and they don’t even know it. Then the FBI arrested a whole bunch of teenagers ranging from 12 to 13 and 16 to 17 making porn videos of themselves naked and having sex and putting them on the internet. So there is nothing wrong women about covering your flesh and body up even hair and the face. It’s moral it’s pure and it’s sexually moral and it’s religious. Many religious sects demand it of their wives and daughters and girfriends. Jewish, Muslim, Amish, Mennonites, Hindu’s, and still many Catholics still do. I do. I was brought up this way. Women and girls alawys did for mega centuries plus until 35 years ago when girls and women exposed everything to the point where some are almost naked. It used to be called indecent exposure and you were arrested for it.


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