Mystery Disease in Kenya Prompts Question – Is Demon Possession Still Real or Is It Now Medically Explainable?

A mystery illness has been reported at a girls school in Kenya that is raising questions about modern-day demon possession.  At the school, over 90 young girls are showing symptoms of mild or full paralysis in the legs.  Many are unable to walk. Videos of the young girls are going viral and posing more questions than answers.

According to reports by the BBC, schoolgirls from St. Theresa’s Eregi Girls High School are experiencing paralysis, but videos posted online point to something a little different than any medical condition out there, leading some to ask if the disease could be more spiritual than physical.


From the videos, it does not merely look like paralysis, but some of the girls can be seen struggling to walk normally. When they do walk, it almost as if they are experiencing strange convulsions or spiritual possession as they walk, but is that real?  Isn’t this medically explainable?  Do Christians still believe that demon possession is possible and if so, could that be a possibility here? Or, can every situation, including this one, eventually be explained through medicine?

Videos posted of the girls in a hospital room show a couple of girls laying in bed and bouncing up and down with their bodies involuntarily shaking and at the moment, medical doctors cannot explain the phenomenon.

To add to the mystery, blood and urine samples of the affected girls have been collected by health officials and sent to the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) laboratories, but the results have yet to show any confirmed evidence of a known disease.


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