Missionaries Beg for Help as Kidnappings Increase Among War, Violence, and “Bodies Piling Up on Streets”

Christian missionaries are begging for help in Haiti as the nation descends into civil war and chaos.

Last month, five missionaries were kidnapped for ransom and two are still in captivity.

One missionary, Jill Dolan, pictured above on their orphanage Facebook page, helps run an orphanage with her family and she says that she has reached out to the US Embassy for help, but they have simply told her to “be safe.”

Lynn, who did not feel safe sharing her full name, works with Dolan and is stranded in a different part of Haiti where a national state of emergency has been declared.

Their area hasn’t been overrun yet, but they are increasingly worried and trying to leave. However, both international airports in the country are closed due to the violence and attacks.

The situation in Haiti is dire and there are reports of bodies piled up in the streets.  Jill says that gunfire can be heard both day and night as they wait and pray for evacuation.

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    It has been reported that the situation in Haiti is exceedingly hazardous, and there have been reports of bodies being piled up in the streets.


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