Mission in your pocket

Are you excited about the gospel being preached in hard places? Do you wish you could be more involved somehow? Well, if you are an Android or iPhone user, we have good news for you!

Back to Jerusalem has a new app, which you can download for free from your app store. Simply type ‘backtojerusalem’ on Android, or ‘back to jerusalem’ on iPhone.

It has been designed for you to engage much more directly with the Back to Jerusalem work and vision. You can go straight to ‘listen’ for the latest podcasts from unlikely locations. Or try ‘read’ to get news from the field or in-depth information on places like the Middle East and North Korea, from people who live and work there. Spare cash burning in your pocket? Check out the ‘give’ section on how you can be part of caring for Yezidi girls freed from ISIS slavery, or how you can help send Bibles to believers who have sometimes prayed for years to get one. More of a visual learner? We have some great videos to give you a taste of the exiting work God is doing through this movement. Check out our ‘watch’ button.

But really, don’t skip the ‘pray’ button. You can find our new and exciting prayer guide for Tibet, as well as other opportunities for you to engage through prayer. Help our missionaries fight their spiritual battles, pray for courage and comfort for our brothers and sisters that are persecuted, and pray for the power of God to break through in the lives of people in darkness.

In the future we also want to use our app to offer you lots of interesting material, such as pre-views of the newest books through a built-in reader app.

So, make your device a tool for mission and download the app today. We look forward to hearing what you think!

The Back to Jerusalem app is available now on Android and iOS!



  1. Okeke Obinna

    That’s great news for me. I hope to work with back to Jerusalem in times to come.

    1. Christian

      We’d love to get in touch


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