Miracles, Astral Projection, Prophecy and Demons – Are These in the Bible?

Episode 740: A Magical World With Author Matthew McGuire

Matthew McGuire’s new book, “A Magical World,” is a game-changer in understanding the supernatural through a biblical lens. This isn’t your typical religious text – it’s a bold exploration of real-life supernatural experiences that could challenge traditional church teachings.

McGuire’s journey from a conventional Baptist upbringing to encountering people with genuine divine experiences is compelling. Matthew tackles topics like exorcisms, prophecies, and miraculous healings head-on. This book isn’t for the faint-hearted.

If you’re ready to confront hard questions about demons, ESP, and phenomena like Astral Projection, McGuire’s work is essential reading. He demands we face the evidence of these supernatural occurrences and questions why the church often dismisses them as purely demonic.

“A Magical World” pushes boundaries, urging readers to develop their spiritual perception and move beyond simplistic explanations and engage with the complex reality of the supernatural world.

Don’t miss out on this critical discussion. Tune in now to hear McGuire break down these factual anomalies. This isn’t just another religious debate – it’s a call to open your eyes to the extraordinary:

Episode 740: A Magical World With Author Matthew McGuire

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