Letter from the Office

Dear Friends,

My position in the Back to Jerusalem USA office puts me in communication with many supporters of the BTJ Vision. Often I hear comments about how much you appreciate the ministry and the work that we do. Today I would like to let you know how much we appreciate you, and the support you all give to this vision.

First, please know that Back to Jerusalem is a vision that does not belong to any one organization. China has to take to the gospel to the last unreached areas of the world, the area between China and Jerusalem. Since this is a vision, anyone can be a part of it!

Do you pray for the Chinese Missionaries who are going into some of the hardest countries in the world? Have you ever told a friend or pastor of a church about Back to Jerusalem? Have you ever shared a Face-book post or web article, or introduced someone to the BTJ Podcast? Maybe you are a GateKeeper, or have supported the vision online or with a check. In doing any of the above, you have become a part of the vision!

I just love to see the church come together and be the church, setting aside differences to focus on the one task of reaching the lost for Jesus Christ. When we all do our part, the job is completed quickly and effi-ciently; when even one of us says no, it is like a beautiful puzzle with one missing piece.

We are not all called to go to the front lines. We are not all asked to sit at a desk in a support role. We are not all meant to stay home and send money. Each of us has a unique part of what God is doing today! What is your role? Are you doing it?

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