Jesus Appeared to a Tibetan Man as He Experienced Persecution

Tibet is a region of the world often forgotten and still considered largely unreached with the gospel. But God is doing amazing things in the hidden region of Tibet!

Hear below the testimony of a Tibetan man who experienced Jesus appear to him in person!

The man’s parents were from North East Tibet and raised in very staunch Buddhist families. On his parental and maternal side, his family had many llamas and held them in high regard — so much so, that they believed their son to be an incarnate of one of those llamas.

However, by the time he was only a child, his parents had received Christ and were baptised. After leaving Buddhism and following Christ, they were heavily persecuted, verbally and physically, by the Tibetan Buddhists around them. He experienced so much persecution as a boy that he wasn’t even sure if he was Tibetan, because of the way his family was treated.

One night, when he was around 6 years old, he was counting the stars to try and fall asleep. As he was counting, one star caught his attention and it began to grow bigger and bigger until the light lit up the whole hillside. As it came closer, it turned into the figure of a man coming down from the sky. The figure entered his window and he was so frightened he woke his mother, but she could see nothing. To her, the room was totally dark.

At the foot of his bed, stood Jesus – a face full of love and warmth. He stood there smiling as the boy asked “who are you? Why are you scaring me like this?” The figure smiled, answering that he was “Jesus of Nazareth.”

Watch the video below to hear the words spoken to this young Tibetan boy and the testimony of his family:

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