Introducing a New Era For Bibles

Gulags in North Korea are full of prisoners who do not have access to the Bible – until now.

Twenty-first century Missions is changing what is possible for prisoners like those in North Korean Gulags.

This year, Back to Jerusalem missionaries are armed with a new Bible that is the size of a small pill, motion-powered, and can allow prisoners like those in North Korea to read the Bible in their cell by illuminating the air with holographic scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.

The most unreached people groups in the world just became a little more accessible with this exclusively advanced technology developed by Back to Jerusalem. The completion of the Great Commission just got a little closer.

This year our goal is to produce 10,000 Hologram-Bibles and deliver them to the most closed nations on Earth.

The pill-sized Hologram-Bible is amazing, but is only one of the items being exclusively produced by BTJ this year.

In 2019 we are also developing new devices that will allow BTJ missionaries to communicate with one another and send data through the air using entirely new technology that uses special wave technology.


  1. Frank Kagawa

    I would like to know more about the Hologram Bible as I want to give some of them to my friends in China

    1. Will Author

      Hi Frank, We are really sorry, but the information we have printed is all the information we can give out. This Bible is going to be used in countries like North Korea where anyone caught with it could be imprisoned or executed. As much as we would love to share the exact images of this Bible to all our supporters, it is our duty to protect those who will be using it. If we make images of this and other devices we use available to the public and it fell into the wrong hands, it would put the whole operation at risk, a risk we are not willing to take. Border patrol would know exactly what to look for when it came across boarders and street police would recognize the device if they saw anyone with it in public. I trust you understand why we can not make these available to the public.


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