Join BTJ on a Journey to the Darkest Nations on Earth

Travel to the most Unreached Regions of the World

We invite you to join us on a spiritual journey to the other side of the world to meet those that have never heard about Jesus.  BTJ missionaries serve in some of the most unreached regions of the world and invite you to come and see the situation with your own eyes.

Every year we take prayer trips to Tibet, North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Iran, Bhutan, and many other nations where the name of Jesus has not been lifted up and we would love for YOU to join us.

These prayer trips are not just mere sightseeing trips – we leave that for the tourists – but they are life-changing journeys that make deposits into the lives of everyone involved.

Travel with us to the mountains of Tibet and meet with Back to Jerusalem missionaries that have set up businesses to preach the Gospel to Buddhist monks, or to North Korea to witness how Bibles are smuggled into the nation, or to Iraq and distribute food to ISIS victims, or to Iran and meet with underground house church leaders that are experiencing explosive growth.

No two trips are ever the same.

Who knows, you might travel with BTJ to an unreached nation and never leave.  It has happened before where BTJ prayers partners have traveled with BTJ to an unreached nation and then decided that God has told them to stay and serve the people of that nation.

BTJ prayer trips to unreached nations are unlike anything you have ever experienced before in your life.

If you would like to learn more or find out when the next trip is – please send an email to our international travel coordinator Belinda.

Belinda Chadwell can. be reached at

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