How $25 Helps Us Reach the Most Unreached Nations in the World

What can $25 get you these days?

5 cups of coffee at Starbucks
3 Chipotle burritos
1 month of spreading the Gospel to unreached people groups

Did you know that for just $25 a month, you can become a BTJ GateKeeper? You might be wondering, “What is a GateKeeper and why should I become one?” When you sign up to be a GateKeeper, you’re partnering with the underground Chinese House Church to spread the Gospel in nations held captive by Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. You’re agreeing to support them financially, at $25/month or more, and you’re committing to regularly pray for BTJ missionaries and the people groups they are reaching.

Each month, 350+ believers from over 25 nations around the world partner with BTJ through sustained prayer and financial giving. This monthly support continues the vital mission of the Chinese underground church as they take the Gospel across China and the Middle East, and all the way back to Jerusalem!

Your support enables us to:

  • Get Bibles into some of the most unreached areas of the world
  • Develop NEW technology to help mission outreach
  • Train and send Chinese missionaries to the least evangelized nations
  • Respond immediately with life-giving aid when disaster strikes
  • Maintain safe houses for at-risk women and children
  • Establish businesses that support believers

Using private, secure platforms, our GateKeepers enjoy special benefits including exclusive podcasts, downloads, and news which provide unique insight and real-time opportunities to pray for our field members. We cannot do what we do without our GateKeepers!

The fires of revival are spreading, and we want to fan the flames! Your monthly commitment will ensure that our teams are prayed for and equipped to share the love of Christ every day with friends and neighbors who desperately need Jesus.

If you are already a GateKeeper, thank you! If you haven’t yet taken your place at the Gate, please consider joining us. You can sign up or find more information by clicking here.

Elizabeth Bell has a heart for the persecuted Church and loves to share stories of God’s faithfulness. She has spent several years working in closed countries to further the advancement of the Gospel.

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