Fear Strikes Chinese Citizens As Entire Sky Turns Blood Red

Apocalyptic panic filled the Chinese city of Zhoushan over the weekend, when the entire sky turned blood red. Anxious voices could be heard crying out, as some residents pulled out their phones and recorded the eery crimson horizon.

Zhoushan is a port city neighboring Shanghai. So many Chinese were afraid, that a video of it posted on Weibo, China’s social media app, quickly gained more than 150 million views in only a few hours.


Some Chinese shared posts on social media that the red sky was a ‘bad omen because of China’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.’

Many posts of the freaky phenomenon found their way to Twitter, even though it is currently banned in China.


Chinese government-controlled media reported that it was easily explainable saying the red sky “was caused by the refraction and scattering of light, most likely from ship lights in the port.”

Not many people seem eager to put their trust in government media at the moment.

Dr. Eugene Bach is a known trouble-maker with an active imagination and sinful past. He has a PhD, but is not a real doctor, so please do not call for him during a medical emergency on an airplane when someone is having a heart attack. Eugene started working for Back to Jerusalem in the year 2000 after a backroom deal involving Chinese spies, the NRA, Swiss bankers, and a small group of Apostolic Christians that only baptize in Jesus’ name. He spends most of his time in closed countries attempting to topple governments by proclaiming the name of Jesus and not taking showers. From time-to-time he pretends to be a writer. He is not good at it, but everyone around him tries to humor him.

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  1. Mary Ellen Gilvey

    Relax China. It’s God’s Message to turn to him who he wants to have all those who he needs you to turn to God and pray and believe in and to love God. The CCP and Xi Jing Ping please release all the Uyghur Muslims held in your re-education centers they are not a threat to anyone but love God. Also you must also release your Catholics and Christians held as well and permit all 3 Groups of Muslims, Catholics, and Christians to pray and attend Mass and read the Bible and go to the Mosque and read the Qran. These Religions are very beautiful and they all LOVE GOD and they love to PRAY which gives everyone who prays PEACE and a purpose and comfort and HOPE. All of these people won’t hurt anyone. All who love and follow God would never hurt anyone. Those who hurt others only follow Satan the Devil. No one in these groups of Religions will force anyone to convert. Conversion only comes from a personal need to seek God and be close to him. By letting all these groups go and be free to worship and practice their Religion will not ever interfere with you Xi Jin Ping the Leader of China and the CCP running your great Nation of China. Your Nation of Ancient China practiced Taoism and Confusionism and Buddhism all 3 Peaceful Philosphical Religions that believe in the core of the Earth with the Universe and having Inner Peace centered around oneself. Xi Jin Ping I’ve said to a few people that parts of Communism I like. You as the Leader are concerned about what the Youth of China watch on the Internet and minimizing their time on Video Games and your Country can control and shut off the Internet Access of what you want. There is nothing wrong with that. In the United States our Youth and Adults have way too much access to violent inappropriate perverted dangerous things where our Democratic Goverment allows anything on the Internet which causes great harm to Childrrn of all ages and mainly Adults. Those video games cause violence and shootings, Mass shootings and innocent death of many lives that shouldn’t have happened. The Porn on the internet in a Canadian News story I read is causing more Dad’s to have sex now with their daughters and it also causes men to rape and fondle and grope women in the Office now. And it caused young girls and women to be sold into sex slavery and sex human trafficking and into Pedophilia Sex Rings and Pedophilia to rise. Schools in the United States all have their (IT) experts put blocks and filters on every computer so if a student or a teacher or an Administrator go on certain sites that are dangerous or could lead them somewhere or porn a window pops up and Blocks the user and it says (Access Denied). Well if the Schools (IT) staff can do this then The United States and the World can do it also. A Communist country and its Leader Xi Jin Ping can do it so can everyone else. Thank you Xi Jin Ping for caring about your Youth in China. And you did a beautiful job with the Olympics.


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