EXCLUSIVE: Woman Reveals Truth About Life in Afghanistan

BTJ has been working in Afghanistan since the Taliban took control and the way women have suffered is beyond anything that can be imagined.

One of the BTJ’s partners sent an extremely sensitive video, where one of the young women we are working with pleads for help and prayer. “I hope you can use this video to bring more awareness,” Naghmeh Panahi wrote after sending the video. Naghmeh, an Iranian house church worker who’s testimony is shared in the book, I DIDN’T SURVIVE, is sharing this exclusive video to help get the word out about the suffering that women are enduring in Afghanistan.

The young woman in the video, who cannot be named due to security reasons, says Afghani women are being subjected to “violence, oppression, rape, and murder.” She is not alone.

Here are 8 Facts about Women’s Rights in Afghanistan:

  1. Restricted Movement for Women

Under Taliban rule, women cannot travel without a male family member escorting them around the city. Women are like prisoners in their own home.

  1. Dress Code for Women

Women are told what to wear. The Taliban, using Sharia Law, have strict Islamic restrictions about what women can wear according to the Quran.

  1. No Protections for Women or Girls Threatened with Violence

Women cannot contact the police to help them if they have been sexually assaulted by men, because they can easily be attacked for bringing shame on their family. Safe houses have been closed. Humanitarian organizations that have helped women for years have been closed. Violence against women has become common place in the name of Allah.

  1. Women are Not Allowed to Go to School

Girls have lost the right to go to school. They are not even allowed to take examinations from their home to advance in their education.

  1. Women are Not Allowed to Work

Many women who had jobs prior to the Taliban were forced to leave those jobs and return home.

  1. Women are Not Allowed to Hold Political Office

Prior to the Taliban take over, women held 27% of the seats in Parliament, but now they have all been removed from office. It is strictly forbidden. 21% of all defense counsel were women and there were a total of 265 female judges out of 1,951.

Now, there are zero female politicians, defense counsel, or judges in Afghanistan. It has been forbidden by Islamic law.

  1. Deadly Birth Rate

Women are dying at a higher rate while giving birth than any other country in the world. Afghanistan has one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the world. Every two hours, an Afghan woman dies during pregnancy or while giving birth.

  1. Sex Trafficking

The trafficking of young girls has skyrocketed. Girls under 10 years old are forced to marry old men for a price and this practice has increased considerably since the Taliban takeover. The Taliban is following the teachings of Muhammad when he was 53 years old and forced six year old Aisha to marry him. This is being replayed over and over again in Afghanistan.

BTJ is partnering together with women on the ground who are able to help other women during this dire time.  To learn more about how you too can be involved, click here:



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