Emergency Help Needed in Iran

The most deadly flood in centuries has hit Iran and taken the lives of more than 44 people. “The floods have crippled our country,” said one of the BTJ workers named Raj (not his real name) inside of the country. “This isn’t just one flood.  This flood is hitting us everywhere!  20 of our 31 provinces have disastrous flash floods devastating two-thirds of our entire nation. And the government is only making it worse.”

So far 44 people have already been reported dead, with the count expected to rise even more when those that are missing are found.

Everything in the pathway of this flood has been destroyed.

Iran needs your help now. You can donate to the BTJ Iranian Flood Relief effort by clicking here:


“These floods could NOT have come at a worse time,” Raj reported. “The economy of Iran is in shambles and has been crippled by the increase of sanctions [by the United States]. “Added to that, most Iranian government officials have been away on holiday for Nowruz – the Iranian new year.”

Raj is concerned because shortly after the floods began, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Supreme Islamic Leader Ali Khamenei declared that all charity efforts to help in this crisis would be banned. Only the Islamic regime would be allowed to help the victims.

However, the people hurting in the floods saw that the government officials – though banning charities – did not leave their vacation. Many Iranians have taken to social media posting hashtag related messages asking “Where is Rouhani?” Iranians have been calling for the immediate resignation of Rouhani’s resignation. “Mr. Rouhani, you better submit your resignation wherever you are” – read one bold posting. “Your appearance will only open up people’s wounds” – read another posting.

You can donate to the BTJ Iranian Flood Relief effort by clicking here:


“If there is any way that we can help them let’s please do it,” said another BTJ worker named Darmud (not his real name). “I am feeling that this is a call from heaven for the nations here. The Father has led us to the people here and we have made a base here. Now there is a calling from three people groups found in Acts 2:9.”

Now is the time to help the people that have been hit by the flood. The government is not helping. The traditional charity organizations do not have a legal route to provide aid. Only the Christians with the underground house church have a way to help.

You can join these efforts right now and help BTJ workers provide clean water, food, clothing and shelter to the flood victims of Iraq by clicking here:


We are also posting a special podcast to share in detail why the government does NOT want third party charities to participate in the flood relief efforts. There you will lean what is scaring the leaders of Iran more than anything else.

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