Day of Rage: Israeli Diplomat Stabbed in Beijing

Since the shocking events on October 7th, tensions continue to rise around the world in response.

During Hamas’ call for a “Day of Rage” this past week, an Israeli diplomat was stabbed in Beijing. Videos circulating on social media show two men wrestling with one repeatedly stabbing the other after the victim fell to the ground. Shouts can be heard in the video and the pavement was smeared with blood. Several locals watched the scene but nobody offered any help.

The Israeli embassy identified him as an Israeli embassy employee and said that he is in stable condition after being treated in the hospital

Nicholas Burns, the U.S. ambassador to China, expressed shock over the attack. He stated his full support for the Israeli community in China. However, the U.S. embassy in Beijing has issued an alert, advising Americans in China to remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

Also this week, the front door of an apartment building in Berlin was marked with the Star of David, highlighting the escalating tension across Europe in the aftermath of the Hamas terror attacks on Israel. This is a cautionary reminder of the dark days of the 1930s, when the Nazis would label Jewish businesses with the Star of David.

Let our hearts be burdened by the events happening around the world, as we witness the loss of many lives, due to wars and natural disasters, who do not have the hope found in Y’shua. Let us hasten the return of Yshua by pressing on to complete the delivery of the gospel to all nations.

I am a Messianic Jewish believer that felt the tug of the L-rd towards the unreached. I decided I would go to China. My love for the Chinese people grew while I was there, but when I learned of the Back to Jerusalem movement, I knew the L-rd wanted me to be proclaiming His gospel message to the unreached people between China and Jerusalem. Let’s unite and complete the great commission. We need to accept the challenge Jesus has given us so that we can feel the exhilaration of victory.

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