DAY NINETEEN: A Stranger’s Love (30 Days of Prayer for North Korea)

Mr. Wong’s phone rang one day while he was working in his yard. It was a Chinese pastor friend of his. There was a young family who had just escaped across the river from North Korea and needed help. Immediately, Mr. Wong agreed to help them. He hung up the phone, prepared his home and waited for the family. 

When they arrived, they were the typical refugees, fresh from crossing the river. They were skinny, dirty, shaggy haired, wearing tattered clothing, and wanted food and money. Mr. and Mrs. Wong prepared them a warm Korean meal and made up a bed for them to sleep in on the heated floor. They were so incredibly thankful, but they did not smile or bow or repeat words of thanksgiving. They were like wounded scared animals – suspicious of everything. They simply did not understand why complete strangers would help them. Their desperation led them in, but their suspicion kept them at a distance. 

Click the link below to read today’s prayer guide, or watch the YouTube video:

Day 19: A Stranger’s Love




5 thoughts on “DAY NINETEEN: A Stranger’s Love (30 Days of Prayer for North Korea)”

  1. Sorry, but in today’s NK prayer article (day 19) no link appeared for the article or video. Occasionally, this occurred before. Thought you’d want to know.

        1. Hi Lee, thanks for the comment. There has been a delay on the links for a couple of the days. They are all there now and should be fixed going forward. Blessings!

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